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Computational Foundry

Project description

The new £31 million world-class computational science facility will act as a beacon for computational and mathematical thinking. By attracting leading researchers to Wales, it will place Swansea at the heart of a thriving regional ecosystem of digital companies and research.

The Computational Foundry ‌is backed by £17.1million from the European Regional Development Fund, and will drive research into computational and mathematical sciences, making Wales a global destination for computational scientists and industrial partners.

The university’s vision is to grow a dedicated community of computational and mathematical scientists who pursue transformative research, vital in building a progressive world.

Delivery model

The Computational Foundry operation will deliver a programme of activity through:

  1. The design, planning and procurement of state-of-the-art research infrastructure to house the Computational Foundry, approximately 7,455m2 in size.
  2. The construction and opening of the Computational Foundry building.
  3. The allocation of leading researchers currently employed at Swansea University to the delivery of the Computational Foundry.
  4. The recruitment of 31 internationally leading researchers to expand the current research teams and programmes.
  5. A focussed, appropriately resourced approach to research development that will secure a minimum of £21.25 million in research income by 2023.

Geographical coverage

The project will benefit all local authorities across the West Wales and Valleys area.

Specific targets

The indicators associated with the Computational Foundry operation are intricately aligned to the ERDF Operational Programme Specific Objective 1.1 (to increase the success of Welsh research institutions in attracting competitive and private research funding) through the establishment of a world-class research and development facility to increase the region’s share of competitive and private research funding.

Five indicators have been identified:

  1. No. improved research infrastructure facilities
  2. No. researchers working in improved research infrastructure facilities
  3. No. enterprises cooperating with supported research institutions
  4. Amount of research funding secured
  5. No. new researchers in supported entities

Contact details

Name: Dr Sherryl Bellfield
Telephone: 01792 602655
Address: Computational Foundry, Talbot Building, Swansea University, Singleton Park, SA2 8PP
Website: Website
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter

Additional details

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Progress to end June 2017

The Computational Foundry operation is exceeding all output indicator targets as of the end of June 2017.

Indicator 3 – Number of enterprises cooperating with supported research institutions
The Computational Foundry operation has cooperated with 46 enterprises against an overall target of 40.

Indicator 4 – Amount of research funding secured
The Computational Foundry operation has secured £9.14 million against an overall target of £21.25 million.

Indicator 5 – Number of new researchers in supported entities
The Computational Foundry operation has appointed 6 new researchers against an overall target of 31.