Economic Prioritisation Framework (EPF)

Following the key recommendation of the Guildford Report, the independent review of the arrangements for the 2014 – 2020 ESI programmes, the EPF was developed to help guide the use of EU funds.  It includes a summary of the different investments being made across Wales to ensure that European Funded operations are developed in the correct funding and policy context.

WEFO view and appraise applications in the context of a range of documents that include both the Programme for ERDF and ESF and the EPF.  They want to ensure that lead partners have understood that their plans sit in context with a wider picture of investment in Wales and the EPF will be their guidance.

Applicants for funding from WEFO are expected to demonstrate how they will add value to what is already happening or planned in Wales and the EPF will be the reference point.  It will help them to plan their projects to avoid duplication, identify partners and networks and refine their delivery plans.

There is a regional element to the EPF which sets out the key drivers and opportunities across the four regions in Wales.  The section related to South East Wales will be vital for operations looking to deliver in the region.