Project factsheet

Project factsheet

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Bridgend Enterprise Hubs

Project description

The operation will work to create new business units in response to evidence of demand in Bridgend County for small/micro enterprise space. At the time of application the units are expected to provide both office and light-industrial at three different sites around Bridgend County creating jobs and growth opportunities.

This operation has the opportunity to target deprived communities and provide support to a range of economic sectors by providing:

  • Support to new business start-ups
  • Support for the development of resilience in the early years of trading
  • Access to new markets and supply chains
  • Provision of business premises for start-ups.

Delivery model

A cross County approach will be undertaken in partnership with the Bridgend Business Forum and a range of local stakeholders to support the development of business sites and premises in Bridgend County Borough. Bridgend County Borough Council will be the lead beneficiary.

The operation will ensure that referral linkages are established with ESF National skills and employability programmes. The operation will ensure that jobs opportunities and opportunities to access targeted recruitment and training are offered locally to those seeking employment.

Geographical coverage

The project will be specific to Bridgend.

Specific targets

  • Jobs accommodated – 115
  • SMEs accommodated – 35
  • Premises created or refurbished – 2,680 sqm

Contact details

Name: Ieuan Sherwood
Telephone: 01656 815333
Address: Bridgend CBC, Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31 4WB

Website: Website


Communications and Monitoring Plans have been submitted to WEFO. Planning application to be prepared once site A delivery option chosen.

Study visits undertaken at Merthyr and Tredomen recently to look at similar approaches. Observations from attendees is being compiled to inform considerations of project options.

Drainage works around site A are nearing completion. Work with architects is ongoing. SuDS Pre-application complete along with tree surveys for all sites, CCTV survey, bat surveys and asbestos survey for site A.