UK Policy

There are of course a variety of UK policies and strategies that are relevant to EU funded operations in Wales despite devolution.  The most pertinent of these relate to the Brexit process.  We have summarised events to date and collated a series of useful Brexit related links .  There is also a page on the emerging post EU funding plans of the UK Government.

UK Industrial Strategy

The UK Industrial Strategy sets out the government’s plan to create an economy that boosts productivity and earning power throughout the UK with five defined foundations of productivity at its core –

  • Ideas: the world’s most innovative economy
  • People: good jobs and greater earning power for all
  • Infrastructure: a major upgrade to the UK’s infrastructure
  • Business: environment the best place to start and grow a business
  • Places: prosperous communities across the UK
  • This is a UK-wide strategy with funding opportunities attached to it through grand challenges and government sector deals. Businesses in the CCR would be well advised to familiarise themselves with the Strategy through the links in this section and sign up to receive regular email correspondence through this link.

The UK government has produced an interactive map to showcases some of the many innovative organisations already benefiting from the Industrial Strategy and driving growth across the UK.

Agriculture Bill 2017-19

The government’s long-awaited Agriculture Bill, which sets to train the biggest reform to the farming subsidy system for a generation, received its first reading on 12 September 2018 and completed the committee stage in November 2018.

The 2018 Agriculture Bill’s will authorise new expenditure for certain agricultural and other purposes; to make provision about direct payments during an agricultural transition period following the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. The major focus is in allowing the government legal powers, first to adopt the system of paying farmers’ funds under the current Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), and then to dismantle that system over a seven-year period, during which an Environmental Land Management System will take its place. Almost nothing of the detail of this system is yet known, beyond the idea that it will replace the Basic Payment Scheme and also current Countryside Stewardship regime.

For further information on the progress of the Agriculture bill see here.