European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

EAFRD in Wales has been combined with match-funding from the Welsh Government to form the Rural Development Programme (RDP).

The RDP aims to:

  • help support the competitiveness of Welsh farming;
  • ensure sustainable management of Welsh natural resources and climate; and
  • promote strong, sustainable rural economic growth.

The Welsh Government operates a series of schemes for accessing project funding under the RDP. Visit the RDP website here for further information on the schemes available and the dates for application windows.

One of these schemes is LEADER which is a form of Community-Led Local Development (CLLD). LEADER forms part of the RDP and is managed across SE Wales by a number of Local Action Groups (LAG). Each LAG is responsible for the delivery of LEADER in the eligible wards across its own area. Using a partnership approach, they design and implement a Local Development Strategy for their area.  The LAG is also the decision making body for project selection.  All projects must contribute towards the priorities identified in their Local Development Strategy.

Below are the links to the LAG groups within the South East region. For information on eligible wards, and Local Development Strategies please go to the relevant website that covers your ward or local authority area.

Another EAFRD scheme is the Rural Community Development Fund (RCDF) which provides investment focused at community groups to help meet local needs and strengthen communities so that they can grow and thrive. Although this scheme is managed by the Welsh Government it relies heavily on the LAGs. Initiatives supported by the fund need to contribute to the delivery of the LEADER local development strategies for their area.