Circular Economy Innovation Communities – CEIC

Sep 30, 2022

At CEIC, they are promoting a Circular Economy (CE) approach in which materials and equipment are used, reused, and repurposed as effectively as possible, and for as long as possible.

The public sector in the Cardiff Capital and Swansea Bay regions needs to work effectively together to rethink how their resources are managed, shared in new, and existing projects and services so that they can maximise the financial, environmental, and social benefits within their organisations.

During the CEIC programme so far, 10 groups of 126 public service colleagues have initiated designing solutions to 22 Circular Economy challenges.

Some of the challenge areas which are developing include:

  • Organisational Development: staff engagement in CE, staff learning in carbon literacy
  • Community Engagement: shared resource centres, social tenant CE development, local food production, shared gardening as public food supply
  • Decarbonisation of Estate & Resources: social housing retrofits, transport & fleet development, public asset retrofit, Welsh wool as insulation
  • Reuse, remanufacture: medical plastics, mine water re-appropriation, repurposing existing estate

October will see the start of CEIC’s FINAL 2 cohorts, in the Swansea Bay and Cardiff Capital Regions.

These cohorts are themed around local supply chains to develop foundational systems as Circular Economy levers. Specifically in relation to food, transport, and health & social care. These CEIC programmes involve working together with colleagues across the Cardiff Capital and Swansea Bay Regions to understand and solve the challenges, implementing foundational economy as circular levers for change.

Find out more on the CEIC website.

Join public service colleagues across councils, local health boards, colleges, universities, charities, and various other organisations to tackle your challenges.

Apply for the CEIC programme on their project website.