ESF P1 project news: ACE

Jun 30, 2022

The Achieving Change through Employment project (ACE) has now come to an end.  The East Wales delivery having already closed in August last Year.  The West Wales and the Valleys element finished at the end of April within tolerance on all outputs and results with an overall result achievement against target of 104%.  The final evaluation is due to be published later this summer but in the meantime you can read the final report on the East Wales ACE project here.

ACE Case study – A job Sofia had never considered possible

Sofia (named changed) came to the UK from Bulgaria and joined the ACE project in October 2018.  Her job in Bulgaria had been working as an Engineer Assistant and she had also worked in retail and office administration.

Coming to the UK she struggled with language skills and had so far been unable to get a job due to her childcare responsibilities. She was interested in care work but worried her low level of English and lack of qualifications in this field would be a problem.

She needed to improve her English skills and practice job application and interview skills, so we supported Sofia with gaining a place on an English language course (ESOL) and attending a workshop on job applications and preparing for interviews.

As she worked on gaining her level 2 English Language qualification, Sofia’s ACE

Case Officer got to know her more and discovered that she also possessed advanced sewing skills. Adding this to her CV along with her new English qualification meant that Sofia was soon hired by a leading UK textile manufacturer as a full-time permanent machinist.

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