Introducing Wales Innovation Network

Apr 28, 2022

The Wales Innovation Network (WIN) is a new initiative that has been set up by Universities Wales to deliver a step change in the depth and breadth of Wales’ collaborative research and innovation activity as recommended by Professor Graeme Reid’s ‘Strength in Diversity’ report. The Network will be made up of the nine partner universities that constitute Universities Wales’ membership.

WIN aims to raise the profile of research and innovation within Wales and the UK, provide a forum in which participants can share expertise and make it easier for Welsh universities to form partnerships and share infrastructure. In addition to encouraging collaboration across universities in Wales, the Network also supports collaboration with a wide range of private, public and third sector bodies, strengthening knowledge exchange throughout Wales.

Since 2019 the South East and South Wales RETs have been co-ordinating a network of research and innovation projects funded by ERDF and impacting on our regions.  The April meeting of the ERDF network introduced operations to the work of WIN and thanks go to Lewis Dean, the recently appointed head of WIN for joining us.  We look forward to being able to bring you more news from the network in future newsletters.

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