CCR Climate Coalition

Sep 30, 2022

Join the climate coalition putting CCR’s Energy Strategy into action…

Climate change is the greatest issue facing us today – and yet there’s a growing consensus that not enough is being done to meet the challenge. If you’re a business or a network in South East Wales, this is your chance to do something big about that – by becoming part of the CCR Climate Coalition.

The Cardiff Capital Region Energy Strategy is all about making sure the whole of Southeast Wales hits a wide range of green targets by 2035.

Those targets include having 27% of our homes with low carbon heating, 64% of the cars in our region becoming Ultra Low Electric Vehicles – and 50% of our total energy consumption powered by renewable electricity.

The City Deal team can’t do that on their own – but by partnering with small, medium and large enterprises across the region, there can be a catalyst for a remarkable transition that will create stronger businesses, more resilient communities, higher value jobs, greater energy and food security; and a more inclusive prosperity.

That’s why  they’re forming a CCR Climate Coalition to share good practices and build-in the region’s greener capacity to hit targets.

The message is clear to all businesses in the region – come and join in, explain what you want a green region to look like for your business and the wider world, share your ideas and learn from the best practices.

If you have any questions or queries, please email:, or  – and be at the forefront of positive change in the region.