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Project factsheet

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Communities for Work (Priority 1)

Project description

Communities for Work is an employability programme supported by European Social Fund, delivering employment support services in 52 Communities First (CF) cluster areas across Wales

The programme focuses on increasing the ‘employability’ of economically inactive and long term unemployed ‘adults’ by providing intensive mentoring and specialist employment advice to overcome barriers to employment

Adult Employment Mentors focus on reducing the number of people >25yrs, living in CF areas who are long term unemployed or economically inactive (not in education or training) who have complex barriers to employment. DWP Advisers focus on supporting ‘job ready’ participants into employment including;

The Communities for Work programme supports participants to consider employment opportunities, improve job search skills and acquire soft and vocational skills which both meet the demands of the labour market and help individuals to find and keep a job

Adult Employment Mentors and DWP Advisers offer:

  • Diagnostic interviews to determine barriers to training or employment
  • Support to individuals to address barriers to work, access training, identify and access educational, and employment opportunities
  • 1 to 1 support, advice and guidance, including signposting to other services
  • 1 to 1 support to access employment opportunities
  • Matching participant ‘aspirations’ to labour market opportunities
  • Improving interview techniques
  • Job search skills
  • Support in developing back to work action plans eg CV’s & Job applications
  • Better off Calculations
  • Access to ‘barriers funding’ which will tackle final barriers to work or training where no other provision is available, i.e. ICT, transport, clothing for employment or employment interviews, tools for work, pre-employment childcare.

Geographical coverage

The project works in Communities First areas of Local Authorities throughout Wales

Essential eligibility criteria

Participants must live in a CF cluster area and be long term unemployed (aged 25 or over) with complex barriers to employment or economically inactive (aged 25 or over), not in education or training and with complex barriers to employment.

Long-term unemployed includes being unemployed for more than 12 months with one or more of the following:

  • Low or no skills (no qualifications above CQFW level 2)
  • A work limiting health condition or disability (including substance or alcohol)
  • From BME group
  • From a jobless household

Complex barriers include:

  • Low or no skills
  • A work limiting health condition or disability (including substance or alcohol)
  • Care, or childcare responsibilities
  • Over 54 years
  • From a jobless household

Specific targets

Adult Employment Mentor and DWP Adviser outcomes include the following;

  • Engagements (enrolment onto the CfW programme)
  • Job Entries
  • Engagement in Job search
  • Gaining employment related qualifications or work relevant certification
  • Increasing Employability through work experience or volunteering

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