ESF P1 project news: NET – case study

Jun 30, 2022

Emma Sheffield

Communities for Work made the referral to NET, as I was in insecure employment and my current role was beginning to make me feel stressed and anxious. Having worked through periods of the pandemic I felt it was time for change, but I had lost confidence in myself over the last few years.

I was contacted by an employment coach Kay at the NET team who was so supportive & up lifting, guiding me in the right direction with unbelievable support.

I had guidance and reassurance from the start, we found a new role advertised as admin support within the ‘Adult Learning Team’ and I met with my work coach to look at the role, gain insight into the skills needed and I was encouraged to believe in myself again, that I could achieve a better paid job and that I could transfer my skills into this new role.

We had a 1.1 face to face meeting and I was handed print-outs of the job, application advice and encouraged to make contact with the Manager at Adult Learning to have an informal chat about the role.  I am really pleased I took this advice and this encouragement helped me make this call which went really well and the Manager was really kind and friendly, this then helped me feel less fearful, reassured and less scared about any potential interview.

I was over the moon after applying that I was offered an interview and working with my NET coach had several pre-interview/confidence support meetings to go over tips and techniques and visualisation exercises.  This support helped me feel better prepared and supported – instead of overthinking things which I sometimes do, and I was better able to practice ahead.

The day of the interview came and because of my preparation I was able to remain calm and relaxed even though there were 2 interviewers at this time.  The interview went really well for me and I was so happy to let my NET coach know I had been successful, and I am now due to begin this new role in April 2022.

I would recommend the NET project to others, because you will find lots of support, a helpful, non-judgemental, and trustworthy environment and it was a place where I felt I could open up.

I am feeling more confident and feel worthy of this new opportunity – after using the technique of visualising myself in this role – as encouraged by my coach. My well-being has been improved with the reassurance “that I was good enough” and I am now excited and looking forward to my new role.

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