ESF Priority 3: STEM Cymru

Dec 17, 2021

The STEM Cymru F1 in Schools competition involves teams of students, aged 11-19, designing and manufacturing CO2-powered model F1 racing cars using computer aided design software and computer aided manufacturing techniques (CAD/CAM). The challenge inspires students to develop their STEM skills. Schools can involve as many pupils as they wish and can enter five teams of up to six students in the Wales regional finals.

“We had to have support from a lot of different companies- one of our biggest supporters was EESW as they helped us machine our car.’’- Bro Edern Hypernova

Once registered, schools have access to EESW’s full range of CAD video tutorials and PDF guides, which take students from downloading the free CAD software to designing, assembling, and rendering their own F1 car.

“I was quite surprised by how much there was that wasn’t just designing the car. When I went into this, I was expecting that all of it would be about the car and the racing, but I really enjoyed the sponsorship and marketing element.’’ – Bro Edern Imperium

Teams are assessed on the speed of the car, engineering design, development, promotional materials, pit displays and verbal presentations. Each team competes for prestigious awards with the chance of representing Wales at the National and World Finals.

EESW STEM Cymru can deliver in-school race days and wind tunnel testing, where pupils can learn how to improve the aerodynamics of their cars. EESW can also provide support visits to schools. All sessions are free to secondary schools across Wales.

“It’s an incredible experience that we are never going to forget”. – St Johns Blackout

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