New STEM careers podcast for young people

Jun 25, 2021

Technocamps’ new podcast, Technotalks, aims to entertain and inform young people about the careers available to them in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths sectors. Each week, inspiring people in STEM careers will discuss what their job involves, their career path and the exciting new technology in their field.

Laura Roberts, their University of South Wales Regional Coordinator, will host the podcast, interviewing guests from around Wales and beyond about their roles in STEM.

The podcast follows the success of their GiST (Girls in Science and Technology) programme, a series of webinars where women in STEM show schoolchildren their offices and discuss their jobs before answering questions posed to them by attendees. With over 300 registered attendees since its launch in September, the programme has gained a large following. The podcast aims to bring the same advice to audiences on-the-go so that they can listen freely in their own time.

Find out more about the GiST programme on Techno Camps website.

Episodes will be released weekly during term times and each episode will be around half an hour in length. The podcast is suitable for 11-18 year old girls in Wales, but the show will be available to a much wider audience through the website and all major streaming platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

Listen to the podcast now