ERDF P1 Project News: CEMET

Apr 28, 2022

CEMET Case Study – Temporal Junction, Sports & Events Commentary Management

Technology: Data Analysis

Sector: Sports Entertainment

Location: Cardiff

Today sports and events commentators still rely on outdated systems such as information in the form of mounds of printed documents, and sluggish limited note-taking using basic pen and paper. Both present several issues for these fast-paced roles: poor organisation, inaccessibility, slow retrieval of relevant information, weatherproofing and so on.

Equipping commentators with a digital toolkit

Sports agency Temporal Junction got in touch with CEMET with the hope to maximise the use of mobile technologies and available data sources to equip commentators with a digital toolkit for preparing, organising, and accessing facts and figures on their upcoming sporting events.

Temporal Junction and CEMET began work on a proof-of-concept app focussing on professional football but with the foundation for future development to incorporate other sports and events.

Offering pre-game and live match support

During planning and development Temporal Junction drew on the experiences of their co-founder, Wales’ former international footballer and current top level football commentator, Nathan Blake to provide insight into app requirements and to connect CEMET to a community of sports commentators for front-line feedback.

The result – an app that supports commentators pre-game and live. Instead of combing through numerous websites and collating fractured data, the app, using existing APIs provides a central point for in-depth information and statistics about players, teams, and fixtures within a user-friendly interface that allows for such use-cases as comparing players’ goalscoring records, teams’ home and away forms and much more.

A win for sports commentary

Commentators are also given the ability to quickly capture notes via speech-to-text technology for match-day. And with live in-match commentary they are now provided with relevant match, team and player data and can record and input match events as they happen in a live timeline.

This new and exciting platform will continue to be developed by Temporal Junction with the continued support of CEMET.

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