Regional Skills Partnership (RSP)

Apr 28, 2022

The CCRSP has been established to bring people together to promote strategic and collaborative decision making in relation to skills for the Cardiff Capital Region. Representatives from business, education and training join to share sector knowledge and understanding to ensure the region is best placed to respond to the required development of skills and talent. To keep stakeholders abreast of the work of the partnership and related developments across the region the RSP have recently developed a seasonal newsletter.  We have included some excerpts from the spring 2022 edition below.

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The labour market of tomorrow: jobs, skills, and the transition to a green economy

The CCRSP has been working collaboratively with other Regional Skills Partnerships (RSPs) in relation to the green economy and has commissioned Data Cymru to lead a research project to help identify the emerging green jobs and an assessment of associated skills gaps.  Initial findings suggest that there are a broad range of challenges surrounding the green revolution which include inconsistent definitions, scope and priorities being reported. Intelligence also suggests that there are around 6,000 businesses and 9,700 jobs across the low carbon and renewable energy sector across Wales. Industrial sectors impacted most by the skills transition to a low carbon economy include Construction, Transport and Manufacturing which account for 73% of the jobs in need of reskilling.

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CCRSP informing Welsh Government’s Covid-19 pathway to recovery

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the economy and the skills agenda since the outbreak began around January 2020. To better understand the impact on skills, the CCRSP has continued to liaise with key employers across the South East Wales region to obtain soft Labour Market Intelligence (LMI). This has then been used when advising Welsh Government on future prioritisation of skills funding and when informing a demand-led skills system.  Reports have outlined the impact of Covid-19 on staffing, recruitment, skills demand and mismatch, in-house training and work-based learning.

The latest copy of the CCRSP Covid-19 LMI report can be accessed on the RSP website, and a final summary report is currently being produced and will be submitted to Welsh Government in April 2022.

Read the latest CCRSP Covid-19 LMI report

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