Wales’ Green Agenda: First Minister announces Welsh Government’s legislative programme

Sep 30, 2022

Following the publication of climate change statistics in June this year, the First Minister outlined in July how all five of the Bills to be introduced during the second year of the Welsh Government’s legislative programme will help address climate change and support the environment.

They are:

  • Bill on Single Use Plastics which will ban or restrict the sale of commonly littered items, such as plastic straws and cutlery
  • Clean Air Bill to introduce ambitious targets and regulations to reduce emissions and improve air quality
  • an Agriculture Bill to reform support for Welsh agriculture, focusing on sustainable food production and rewarding farmers who take action to protect the environment
  • Bill on Infrastructure Consenting to simplify the process for agreeing major infrastructure projects, providing more certainty for communities and developers
  • Bill on Coal Tip Safety to improve the management of disused coal tips, protecting communities living in the shadow of these tips, as the risk of weather-related damage to them increases

Mark Drakeford MS said:

“I am proud to introduce this ambitious legislative programme with a clear focus on Wales’ stronger, fairer and greener future.  The climate emergency is very much with us. We will introduce five important Bills, which will help to protect our environment, improve the quality of the air we breathe and stop so much plastic polluting our beautiful land and seascape.”

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