Welsh Government Employability Plan

Jun 30, 2022

The Minister for Economy launched the new Plan for Employability and Skills:  Stronger, fairer, greener Wales, in Plenary on the 8 March 2022.  The plan focuses efforts to ensure no one is left behind or held back in an economy that champions fairness and equality. The timing of the plan is to align with the Programme for Government and give policy and investment certainty for this Government Programme, whilst paving the way to progress longer term goals set out in the National Milestones.

The plan sets out 5 key areas of action over this government term.

  1. Delivering the Young Persons Guarantee, with a particular focus on tackling education, employment or training levels for Disabled young people, and those with Additional Learning Needs.
  2. Tackling economic inequality by supporting people furthest away from the labour market to find work – and focus on improving labour market outcomes for disabled people, Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic people, women, and those with low skills.
  3. Healthy work, Healthy Wales – Helping people stay in work and preventing people from not taking up work or falling out of employment because of a health condition.
  4. Fair work for all – a commitment to working in social partnership to champion fair work to improve the offer for workers, encourage employers to draw on a more diverse talent pool, increase pay and flexible working conditions.
  5. Learning for Life – a renewed focus on ensuring educational inequalities narrow and standards rise, participation in the skills system is widened for disabled people and ethnic minority groups, whilst tackling low qualifications and increasing the mobility of workers.

With the shifts in funding landscape and deployment of the Shared Prosperity Funding collaboration is needed to make best use of people and resources.  WG hope that by their investments and priorities, it will help partners to align their activities to those priorities, so that UK Government funding is used in a way which supports – rather than cuts across – Welsh Government priorities.

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