ESF P1 project news: AIF – case study

Jun 30, 2022

Phoebe joined the Citizen’s Advice Merthyr Tydfil (CAMT) AIF project whilst being homeless and living in a local hostel. Phoebe had suffered Domestic abuse and had lost self-confidence because of her difficult circumstances. Phoebe was very withdrawn and found it difficult to put herself forward and become part of a team. Phoebe wanted desperately to improve her circumstances and to gain employability skills. Phoebe referred herself to the project with as she had had experience using our services and dreamed of being employed in a similar position.

Phoebe was supported with a plethora of skills. She was slowly introduced into team meetings as we knew her self-confidence was an issue. She was supported with technology skills, social skills, interview skills, and was allowed time to attend police meetings and meetings with DART (a domestic abuse organisation) to deal with her domestic abuse experiences. Phoebe was given one to one support before being introduced into a team environment which helped her overcome her shyness.

Phoebe was helped also by CAMT with housing issues and DAF applications and any other help she needed in order to improve her circumstances.

Although there were restrictions due to Covid-19 Phoebe was encouraged to attend as much as possible in order for her to feel she had company and support at all times and in order for her to feel safe and secure.

Phoebe blossomed over her 20 week period on the AIF project. It was wonderful to see her confidence and self-belief develop. She became a valid member of the Active inclusion team and had valid input in meetings and job skills club.

Phoebe became competent in all the duties expected of and active inclusion member and she excelled due to having difficult life experiences which she put into practise. Phoebe’s personality also developed, she became a humorous and knowledgeable young lady who was a valid and popular member of the team.

Phoebe technology skills, her written word, grammar and spelling improved and she was fully confident making phone calls to clients and conversing with management and outside organisations.

Phoebe went on to achieve her dream.

She landed what she described as her ‘Dream Job’ as a Youth and Community Support worker.

She provides social work and community support services to vulnerable youths ‘loves every minute of it’.

She now has her own home and feels that through the project she has ‘changed her life’ and expresses her gratitude to the project for giving her a chance to improve her situation when no one else would.

CAMT are very proud of Phoebe and they regularly keep in touch for an update.

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