ESF P1 project news: Journey 2 Work – case study

Jun 30, 2022

Mr W was made redundant from his previous job role due to ongoing health conditions. Due to this and not knowing where to turn, Mr W struggled financially and experiencing severe anxiety which prevented Mr W from looking for additional support, Mr W started sofa surfing with friends and family which had further impact on his health conditions and the work he was able to do.

Upon approaching one of Cardiff Council’s Into Work Advice Services job clubs, Mr W expressed his concerns regarding his financial and health situations. The advisor informed Mr W of our employment projects and 1-2-1 mentoring support. Mr G was hesitant but decided to be referred for additional support. Due to being made redundant and not submitting any benefit claims, Mr W would be eligible as economically inactive for Journey2Work.

As soon as the mentor established contact with Mr W, it became apparent that it would be financially wise to investigate a PIP claim on the basis of Mr W’s health conditions, these included; severe asthma, ongoing back problems which results in being unable to stand for long periods as well as not being able to sit for long periods either and suffering with anxiety and depression. With the support of the money advice team, Mr W was able to get assistance with submitting a claim for PIP.

Mr W also did not have valid I.D, his driving licence expired during the pandemic, as Mr W would require photographic I.D to start employment, it made sense to access our barrier fund to renew the driving licence before getting too close to securing a job or being put forward for training. With the help of the mentor, we visited the post office to complete an application and make payment.

With the concern of Mr W’s health conditions, Mr W felt that he was restricted on the type of work that he was able to complete, the mentor discussed various training and various industries that Mr W could potentially work in.

Due to Mr W sofa surfing, the mentor also referred Mr W to “Housing Options” unfortunately this did not materialise due to the fear of potentially going into a hostel, Mr W decided that it would be best to move back in with his parents whilst we focused on employment and trying to improve his financial situation.

With Mr W unable to use a computer for job searching, the mentor referred Mr W over to Adult Learning to par-take in the BT Skills for life course, to access this Mr W would need access to a laptop or tablet, unfortunately Mr W did not have a laptop or tablet, the mentor then referred Mr W to the Digital team where they were able to gift a tablet which enabled Mr W to complete the course and improve his computer usage.

Whilst Mr W was completing the training, the mentor created a CV and cover letter and assisted with various online job applications and eventually Mr W became more and more confident of checking emails and sending basic replies before moving on to be able to apply for more basic job applications on his own.

Mr W approached his mentor with confirmation of an invite to an interview.  Feeling confident but anxious at the same time, he wanted help to prepare for the interview and research the company and the work that they do. The mentor arranged to meet up with Mr W, printed off some company information and completed a mock interview with potential questions that may be asked. Mr W completed the mock interview and some feedback was offered in return from the mentor.

Mr W completed the interview, answered the questions to his best ability and was honest and open about his health conditions. The employer stated that they are very supportive of people’s health conditions and offered Mr W the job.

The job role, working as a kitchen assistant was accepted by Mr W, Mr W felt that the interviewers represented a positive and understanding method towards their staff and was looking forward to improving his lifestyle and financial situation.

Mr W expressed his gratitude towards the project and the mentor, Mr W was very happy with the pay offered, location, duties and number of hours offered.

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