Project factsheet

Project factsheet

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Project evaluation

RICE Final Evaluation Report

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RICE (Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions)

Project description

RICE is led by the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University, in partnership with Sustainable Environment Research Centre (SERC) and University of South Wales.

Its goal is to test how CO2 produced from heavy industrial processes can be innovatively used to make high value products and industrially important chemicals. Technologies will also explore the production of green hydrogen, which can be used in many ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

It aims to deliver transformational change through the translation of innovative processes to reduce Wales’ CO emissions and decrease consumption of energy & raw material by heavy industry.

Geographical coverage

The project will benefit the West Wales and the Valleys programme area, predominantly in the South West.

Specific targets

  • Amount of research funding secured                                                     £9.2 million
  • No. improved research infrastructure facilities                                      1
  • No. researchers in improved research infrastructure facilities              61
  • No. new researchers in supported entities                                            29

Contact details

Name: Prof Andrew Barron
Telephone: 01792 513033
Address: Energy Safety Research Institute, Swansea University Bay Campus, ESRI Building, Fabian Way, Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea, SA1 8EN
Website: Website
Twitter: Twitter

Additional details

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Development of the demonstrators continue, with installation on the identified heavy industry sites is planned by end of the year (2019) to begin the demonstrations and testing.

A major element of the RICE project is the capturing and dissemination, in a series of digital stories, the promise and progress of the RICE project solutions as they unfold. This work package is being undertaken by the George Ewert Evans Centre for Storytelling at the University of South Wales. A series of videos have been produced and will be added to as the project develops. The videos include:

In addition to this, a further 3 videos have been commissioned which will focus on CO2, Hydrogen and Algae. These will be filmed and produced as the project develops.

All of our videos are available to view on the RICE YouTube channel.

Below are a snapshot of some images which reflect the progress being made:

First Minister Mark Drakeford speaking at Y Senedd with the RICE banner providing a backdrop.


Delivery of our first containers which will be used as part of work package 2, to regulate, harvest and filter algae.


Some members of the RICE project team following a 6 monthly review and planning meeting.


Assembly of one of the bioreactors which will be used to grow algae which will consume industrial CO2 emissions.