SE RET Film Showcases ERDF supported Innovation

Apr 28, 2022

We are pleased to say that our next film celebrating the impact of structural funds is now ready to share with you. Produced by Orchard Media, the short film illustrates how ERDF has supported innovation across the CCR and highlights some of the   wide range of projects being delivered using funds from ERDF Priority 1. The projects included in the film are:


CEMET works with SMEs based in Wales to undertake collaborative research and development projects in order to establish new products and services.  Find out more about CEMET here and read how CEMET has helped transform sports commentary.

Accelerate Healthcare Technology Centre

The Healthcare Technology Centre is a partner of the £24m pan-Wales Accelerate programme and supports the translation of promising ideas from the life science, health, and care sectors in Wales into new products, processes and services, aiming to create long-lasting economic value alongside broader societal benefits.

Read more about the Accelerate Healthcare Technology Centre

Smart Programme

The Smart Programme includes three projects for supporting SMEs with R&D and different levels of need or expertise – Smart Innovation, Smart Cymru and Smart Expertise.

Read more about Smart Innovation

Read more about Smart Cymru

Read more about Smart Expertise

Institute for Compound Semi-Conductors

The ICS Operation is a 5.5year, £32.67million operation.  The ERDF funding will contribute to the costs of equipping and resourcing an ICS at Cardiff University that will provide a link between the research laboratory and the commercial world.

Read more about the Institute for Compound Semi-Conductors

IROHMS (Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems)

IROHMS is world-class research environment facilitating innovative research in digital manufacturing and robotic; human factors and cognitive psychology; mobile and social computing and artificial intelligence.

Read more about IROHMS

Supercomputing Wales

Supercomputing Wales is a £15m programme of investment enabling Wales to compete globally for research and innovation projects that require access to supercomputing facilities.

Read more about Supercomputing Wales

AWEN Institute

The AWEN Institute brings together leading researchers with older people and the creative industries to co-produce products, services and environments for an increasing older population.

Thanks go to Swansea University, Cardiff University, the University of South Wales and the Welsh Government for their contributions.

Read more about the AWEN Institute

Watch the film.