British Science Week #BSW22

Apr 28, 2022

11th-20th March was British Science Week 2022. This annual event is a ten-day celebration of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics taking place through our communities and Twitter rose to the occasion of celebrating with the hashtag #BSW22. Here’s a brief look at some of the projects supported by Structural Funds we featured in our #BSW22 Twitter campaign.

EESW STEMCymru partners with F1 in Schools in Wales, a competition where students design and manufacture CO2 powered model F1 racing cars using CAD/CAM, which are computer aided design and manufacturing systems. The competition inspires students to develop their STEM skills, and apply them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way. Successful teams have the chance of representing Wales and the National and World Finals!

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Project METaL (Materials and Manufacturing Training) is an ESF funded project, providing advanced training through short and concise courses with the sole aim of addressing the skills shortage in the materials and manufacturing workforce, ultimately helping to secure sustainability for Welsh industry. All courses are available online, making it accessible for all to receive this exciting and important training!

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Cardiff Universities Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems (IROHMS) works with academics and external stakeholders using their world class research facilities. This facility adopts cutting edge technology in the field of digital manufacturing and robotics, human factors and cognitive psychology, mobile and social computing and artificial intelligence.

Some exciting facilities used in IROHMS are the simulation library, which focuses on how humans interact with advanced technology, from robotics to virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Another facility, the Human-Robot interaction Laboratory (HRI) specialises in investigating research problems at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and human-machine systems.

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Building on the Flexis Project, the ERDF funded Flexis App takes the collaborative research forward into commercial projects to deliver Net Zero, with their collective vision of driving green and economic growth. The £4m research and development programme brings together academia, industry and government to develop innovative energy technologies to achieve net zero by 2050. Flexis App will drive net zero solutions by forming strong industrial partnerships, that use FLEXIS’ world-leading research and resources in energy systems, to generate economic and green growth for West Wales and the Valleys.

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